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Feed the Future Human and Institutional Capacity Development Strategy Review

This review of Feed the Future (FTF) Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) strategy is based on a wide reading of documents provided by the Bureau for Food Security (BFS), and many from the broad literature on capacity development. It is also based on interviews with 34 people, many of whom are/were involved in the portfolio of HICD projects, either for USAID or as implementers. We find that on the human capacity development front there is evidence of impact. And we believe that scholarship programs, structured properly and streamlined, are of great importance for the future of agricultural improvement at all levels, and should probably be expanded. We also became aware of how small the HICD division is, four people at the time of the review. They are being asked to handle a great deal of work, and their work is not always seen as central to the FTF initiative. Our concern here is to redress that relative marginalization. We believe that HICD is central to two core principles of development that USAID has embraced in the last five years – Local Solutions and the underlying intention of greater country ownership that informs it.

Author: Thomas Dichter, Joyce Moock, David Joslyn, M. Diane Bellis
Published Date: May, 2015