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Uganda Program for Human and Holistic Development: CSO Follow-Up Capacity Report

Author: Magumba, Godfrey, Geoffrey Kironde and Xavier Nsabagasani Beinomugisha

The Uganda Program for Human and Holistic Development (UPHOLD) was a USAID funded health program implemented by JSI, that included the award of 46 grants to local CSOs.

June, 2006

Uncovering the Politics of 'Evidence' and 'Results': A Framing Paper for Development Practitioners

Author: Eyben, Rosalind

Hard evidence, rigorous data, tangible results, value for money--all are tantalizing terms promising clarity for the international development sector. Yet, behind these terms lie definitional tussles, vested interests and contested world views that this background paper to the Politics of Evidence Conference aims to make explicit and question. The objective is to encourage development practitioners to strategize in expanding the politico-bureaucratic space to make room for flexible and creative support of locally-generated and transformative change.

April, 2013

Unstill Waters: The Fluid Role of Networks in Social Movements

Author: Katcher, Robin

The author examines social movement networks as a venue for understanding how constituencies of different races, ethnicities, classes, genders, immigrant status, ability, and so on, come together around a common concern with the aim of bringing about some type of societal change. By reviewing the scholarly research and interviewing creative, committed leaders who have built movements, even in the most unfriendly environments, she aims to deepen our understanding of the networks that support them.

July, 2010

USAID: Bosnia-Herzegovina Conflict Assessment

Author: Herman, Robert, Marguerite Galaty, Lawrence Robertson

A 2005 assessment of the state of capacity in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

July, 2005

USAID: Local Institutional Capacity Building Evaluations

Author: Ardovino, Michael

This document briefly summarizes evaluations of capacity-building projects across several sectors including economic growth and trade, democracy and governance, natural resource management and health. Evaluations are taken from USAID and other donor agencies.

September, 2011

Visible Learning

Author: Hattie, John

John Hattie from New Zealand worked with his team for 15 years distilling thousands of studies on student performance to come up with some very intriguing and nuanced conclusions about how kids learn best. A key message of the book is that what works best for students is similar to what works best for teachers. This includes setting challenging learning intentions, being clear about what success means and attending to learning strategies and developing a conceptual understanding about what teachers and students know and understand.

December, 2008

Voices of Capacity Development

Author: Horton, Doug, Abadh Kishore Mishra and Paul Banda

In this issue, published to coincide with the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea in 2011, the editors advocated attendees keep in mind three core messages: 1) capacities develop when the initiative comes ‘from within;' 2) external support can provide a valuable boost to capacity development processes but only as adjunct to internal leadership, drive and commitment, and 3) it is possible to measure capacity development results and to demonstrate their contribution to overall development results, but realistic timelines must be set for assessing their impact.

September, 2011

Working Misunderstandings: Donors, Brokers, and Villagers in Africa's AIDS Industry

Author: Swidler, Ann and Susan Cotts Watkins

Why do development projects, and AIDS projects in particular, take the forms they do? In this essay, the authors argue that it is because the conflicting interests and world views of the key actors involved—donors, brokers, and villagers—leave only a narrow range of themes and practices that can "work" on the ground. They discuss how certain themes and practices "work" in the sense that they satisfy the varied agendas of the major actors sufficiently to sustain their day-to-day cooperation.

February, 2013

Working Paper Series: Capacity Building

This Working Paper on Capacity Building is one of a series of 10 papers published alongside DFID’s Research Strategy 2008-2013. It presents the case for DFID-funded research on Capacity Building--drawing on the responses given during a global consultation that DFID convened in 2007 about its future research.


April, 2008