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Capacity Development

Approximately 80% of the literature the Learning Agenda reviewed suggests that responding and adapting to context is key for capacity development programs and effective capacity development programs must meet the expressed needs of in-country beneficiaries.
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A Revolution in Capacity Development? Africans Ask Tough Questions

Author: Missika-Wierzba, Bathylle, and Mark Nelson

From the World Bank task force on capacity development in Africa to the Paris Declaration on aid effectiveness, donors have signaled both the importance of the issue to African development and a new determination to improve results on capacity development interventions. For African practitioners, however, whether this new attention will result in real changes is still unclear. This brief examines some of the African reactions, gathered through a series of consultations, to growing attention on capacity development among donors.

May, 2006

Acumen Fund: Measurement in Impact Investing

Author: Ebrahim, Alnoor, V. Kasturi Rangan

Acumen Fund is a global venture capital firm with a dual purpose: it looks for a return on its investments and also seeks entrepreneurial solutions to global poverty.

May, 2011

Beyond Planning: Markets and Networks for Better Aid

Author: Barder, Owen

The political economy of aid agencies is driven by incomplete information and multiple competing objectives and confounded by principal-agent and collective-action problems. Policies to improve aid rely too much on a planning paradigm that tries to ignore, rather than change, the political economy of aid. The author argues that a considered combination of market mechanisms, networked collaboration, and collective regulation would be more likely to lead to significant improvements.

October, 2009

Bringing the Invisible into Perspective: Reference Document for Using the 5Cs Framework

Author: Keijzer, Niels, Eunike Spierings, Geert Phlix and Alan Fowler

This document describes a framework for planning, monitoring and evaluating capacity and the results of capacity development processes. It aims to guide organisations in developing countries that operate individually or as collaborative associations on how to use a framework based on 5 capabilities (‘5Cs'). 

December, 2011

Building Sustainable Capacity: Challenges for the Public Sector

Author: Hilderbrand, Mary E. and Merilee S. Grindle

This study is part of an effort to assess and support more effective capacity building initiatives in developing countries. The goal is not to deconstruct the failures of the past but to help construct the future--to find ways to contribute more effectively to capacity building for sustained development. While economic and social development require a wide range of capacities that reach far beyond the public sector--to characteristics of civic society and markets and to historical, cultural, and international conditions--the authors focus primarily on public sector capacity.

January, 1994

Capacity and Capacity Development

Author: Morgan, Peter

A host of concepts are included under the broad umbrella of capacity development, such as participation, organizational development, technical assistance, performance, institutional economics, empowerment and many others with no clear sense of their interrelationships. This brief tries to unbundle issues around capacity development and capacity. It looks at underlying themes that need to be kept in mind when dealing with capacity development issues.

October, 1998

Capacity Development for Impact: Where is the Evidence?

Author: Yocarini, Lara

Capacity development is increasingly seen as the sine qua non of successful development. Yet, despite the growing commitment to showing results, documented examples of its impact are hard find. The author went in search of available evidence and reviewed 29 case studies of capacity development from three development organisations. Her conclusion: development organisations and donors need to move away from their narrow focus on accountability to a broader focus on mutual learning. They should also stop looking for the perfect measurement policy and start measuring instead.

July, 2007

Capacity Development in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E)

Author: Mackay, Ronald and Douglas Horton

This paper describes the evaluation of a regional, multiple-site capacity-development project, undertaken to strengthen planning, monitoring, and evaluation in the field of agricultural research. The authors present challenges facing capacity development and its evaluation, the conceptual frameworks and methods adopted, and the procedures employed. They conclude with lessons for improving the design, management and evaluation of capacity-development efforts.

July, 2002