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Greater than 90% of the literature suggests that conventional donor project models lack effectiveness.
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The Help Commission on Foreign Assistance Reform

Author: Bush, Mary K.

The U.S. Commission on Helping to Enhance the Livelihood of People Around the Globe report to the Secretary of State and Members of Congress.

December, 2007

Time to Stop Fooling Ourselves about Foreign Aid: A Practitioner's View

Author: Dichter, Thomas W.

The foreign aid industry has for decades tried one approach after another in an effort to make aid work. A career of field experience in the aid industry, however, confirms the empirical record that aid is unimportant to growth or poverty reduction and suggests that aid is not likely to work in the future. The belief that foreign assistance has been generally ineffective, moreover, appears to be widespread among aid practitioners with long field experience.The current effort by the United Nations to double worldwide aid flows is part of a pattern to reinvent foreign aid.

September, 2005

Uncovering the Politics of 'Evidence' and 'Results': A Framing Paper for Development Practitioners

Author: Eyben, Rosalind

Hard evidence, rigorous data, tangible results, value for money--all are tantalizing terms promising clarity for the international development sector. Yet, behind these terms lie definitional tussles, vested interests and contested world views that this background paper to the Politics of Evidence Conference aims to make explicit and question. The objective is to encourage development practitioners to strategize in expanding the politico-bureaucratic space to make room for flexible and creative support of locally-generated and transformative change.

April, 2013

USAID: Bosnia-Herzegovina Conflict Assessment

Author: Herman, Robert, Marguerite Galaty, Lawrence Robertson

A 2005 assessment of the state of capacity in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

July, 2005