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Putting Evidence to Work: Linking Policy and Practice in Capacity Development

One of the major challenges facing the international development community is creating a capacity development (CD) architecture built on solid evidence. Here, the authors argue that, although a significant body of evidence on CD is being produced, the knowledge is poorly captured and managed. As a result, CD practice and policies fail to take full advantage of lessons and experiences that could lead to better results. Addressing these challenges is the basis of the three-year strategy of the Learning Network on Capacity Development (LenCD), a broad partnership of practitioners and donors dedicated to improving the outcomes of capacity development initiatives. The strategy has three key pillars: evidence, practice, and policy. The aim is to create a more professionalized CD practice and transfer CD learning into the mainstream of development.

Categories: Bibliography, Aid Industry
Author: Theisohn, Thomas, Mark Nelson & Janet Awimbo
Published Date: June, 2009